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In order to provide quality health information, news and tools to our visitors, MOL. permits health-related advertising on our sites. We do not permit advertisers to affect the quality or accuracy of information on our sites, and we maintain a stringent policy of editorial independence. The following advertising policy is in force on all MOL. sites:
  • We maintain complete editorial independence with respect to our content in every circumstance. We do not permit advertisers or other third-party sponsors to make changes to content, or to introduce biased content into our forums and other sections.

  • We clearly identify all advertisements, sponsorships, and sponsor-related material on MOL. sites. We separate this material from medical or health-related content and tools.

  • We do not accept advertising for alcohol, tobacco, firearms, or pornographic products or Websites.
  • We do not provide or sell any information to a third party that would allow it to identify a person's individual medical circumstances or conditions. Please refer to our Privacy Statement for more information.

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